Pearl Wax Wicks

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Create your own candle with our 100% organic wax pearls. Just purchase our 20 oz. jar of wax pearls, a unique candle container of your choice, and a jar of wicks. 

Step 1: Pour wax pearls into chosen jar.

Step 2: Shake jar to level wax.

Step 3: Place one wick into jar with 1/2 inch of wick sticking out to light.

Step 4: Light your candle and enjoy.

Step 5: When your candle is blown out or you've burnt the whole wick, you can remove the wick once wax has dried by pulling up on the wick.

This will pull out the used wax as well.

Step 6: Repeat the process and you will have a candle that feels fresh each time you light it.

  • 3" x 1"